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Your Behavioral Based Safety Observation Guide

Want to effectively get to the root cause of potential risks in your workplace? Behavior-based safety observations can help you reduce the number of injuries on-site by up to 80%.1

Download your free copy now to read more about:

  • The importance of pre-planning your observation
  • Unsafe behaviors
  • Conducting the behavior-based observation
  • Dealing with dangerous behaviors
  • And more!

1EHS Today, Behavior-Based Safety: Frequently Asked Questions, Feb. 2019

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Why EcoOnline eCompliance?

EcoOnline eCompliance helps organizations across North America to simplify safety by providing organizations with a software solution, supported by a team of health, safety, and risk professionals – all on the cloud.

Our clients experience an overall reduction in the cost and burden required to safely manage contractor relationships. We help them easily search for contractors by skill set, location, and/or accreditation status.

Reduce Administrative Burden

Save time and reduce headaches with our robust system aimed to assist you from start to finish – from sourcing contractors to managing documentation.

Find the Best Contractors

Gain access to thousands of accredited contractors, audited for compliance with legislation, or your specific requirements.

Centralized Documentation

Access information in an instant, with a complete cloud-based repository of all contractor documents digitized, collected, reviewed, and maintained in one central database.

Gain Access to Top Health & Safety Professionals

Attain up-to-date safety knowledge, online resources and special access to our team of health and safety experts.